21 August 2007

I'm Back

OK, I am back today to post my freebie I promised. Hope you like it:

Click on Image to download: Rouge Sparks Papers


Well, it has been a tough summer but it is getting better finally. I had to go back to St Louis to help with my sister and my mom's surgery and I was supposed to be there for 3 weeks and at the end of my third week I ended up staying an extra week due to my mom's doctor overdosing her. She went in originally for a new pacemaker with a defib. and she was having some high blood sugar problems and they gave her insulin medication and it was way too strong. After she got home and started the meds she went into an insulin coma over night. Scariest thing I ever saw in my life. To make it worst he never even called to check on her after we called him to see what we should do to keep her blood sugar up from 40. which is insulin shock but we never knew that when we called him. He should have told us to take her to the ER but he didn't and we ended up calling an abulance the next morning because her levels dropped to 22. If you ask me he is a terrible doctor. Then after she got home from that night stay at the hospital she came down with phemonia. She can't win. But she is better now and things are finally clearing up.

I am still working 2 jobs but I am going to try to keep up on this site too. I miss my scarpbooking and creating so I am making this a priority. I am going to go thru some of my older stuff to get a freebie up for you asap. Look for it later today. See ya then.